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Jonathan & Alli

Jonathan and Alli have been married for 6 years and currently have one child.

About Jonathan

AGE: 33

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies and International Ministries


INTERESTS: Jonathan enjoys yard work, football, grilling with friends, and playing with his dog

About Alli

AGE: 34

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies and Elementary Education


INTERESTS: Alli enjoys theater, reading, taking walks, and thrift shopping

Expectant Moms

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how amazing you are?! You are nurturing a life within your womb, and now, you are faced with some challenging and life changing decisions; yet, you still persevere! We pray for you and your little one, and, we thank God for you and this precious one you are carrying.

Please let me share with you, a little about us, so that you can decide whether placing your precious one in our care is the best decision 💕…

We are both physicians, and, we met in the hospital, during training, while working together in 2009. We fell in love, and exactly two years later, we married. Vince is a very outgoing, laid back, humble, and sweet guy. He has an awesome sense of humor and is excellent with children. He’s a favorite with not just our children, but also all the nieces and nephews. I love to laugh and tend to look on the bright side of things. I love children, and I strive to share new and positive experiences with them so that, one day, they will pay it forward to the next generation. Life is an adventure! Everyday presents challenges, situations, and opportunities that can help us learn and grow. We both love to talk about these things with the children so that they are equipped to deal with the inevitable challenges life will bring. Our home is our safe place where our children know that they can depend on being loved and supported, unconditionally, no matter what mistakes they make or disappointments or difficulties they face. We, as a family, love to cook together, travel the world together, go to plays together, go to sporting events together—I could go on and on.

This is the life your child would have, and be a part of, if you decide to place your child in our care. Please contact the adoption agency for a closer look into our profile, if you would like to know more about us.

God has blessed us beyond measure, and we would be honored to welcome your little one into our family to be a part of our family, with your blessing, so that we can be a blessing. We know this is a big decision, and we will continue to pray that God watches over you and that He would help you to make the best decision for you and the amazing life you are carrying!

Jonathan & Alli

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You don’t have to do this alone.

As an expecting mom, you don’t have to do this alone. We will meet you where you are and walk alongside as you consider your path. Having over 20 years of experience in adoption, we understand the unique challenges you are facing.

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