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We believe your life and the life of the child growing inside you is precious. Because of this, Gateway Woods provides birth options counseling, providing support and education as you consider parenting and placing for adoption. We understand that placing a child for adoption is life-changing. We will help you fully consider both parenting and adoption so that when the time comes to make your decision, you will be informed and prepared to make the best choice for you and your child.

As an expecting mother working with
Gateway Woods, we ask that you:

  • Work cooperatively and honestly with Gateway Woods’ Adoption Staff.
  • Voluntarily provide all known medical, background and family information about yourself and your immediate family to Gateway Woods.
  • Provide proof of pregnancy prior to matching with an adoptive couple

24/7 Pregnancy Line: +1 260-376-1723 (call or text)

Rights & Responsibilities

As an expecting parent working with Gateway Woods you have the right to:

  • Confidentiality
  • Be able to make decisions free from coercion or pressure
  • Seek legal counsel if you choose
  • Request help with reasonable pregnancy related expenses permitted by law
  • Work with social service agencies to assist with other needs and resources
  • Receive counseling from an agency of your choice during and after your pregnancy
  • Choose the adoptive parents for your child and request to meet them
  • Create a birth plan that can include time with your baby in the hospital
  • Receive assistance with the relationship between you and the adoptive family
  • Choose the type of ongoing communication you have with the family
  • Review all documents for the adoption prior to signing consent for adoption and receive copies of all documents
  • Understand adoption registries in your state of residence

Our Process

  1. Contact Gateway Woods.
  2. Meet with a member of our adoption team.
  3. Receive support and education regarding adoption and parenting.
  4. Review family profiles and choose a family.
  5. Meet the prospective adoptive family and have ongoing contact, if desired.
  6. Receive emotional and physical support as needed.
  7. Create a hospital plan.
  8. Labor and Delivery.
  9. If you choose adoption, consent and signing legal paperwork when you are ready.
  10. Post birth support.

Common Questions

I am due soon, can I still make an adoption plan?
Yes, it is never too late or too early to make an adoption plan. We will assist you at any stage of your pregnancy.


You are not alone. In addition to our staff support, we collaborate with organizations that can help pre and post placement.


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